• Why do we need mandatory disclosures?

    Nicole Quattrocchi |

    People hate to give over mandatory disclosures. No one likes to have anyone peeking around in their finances. It’s a question we always hear in any family law case, “why do we need mandatory disclosures?”


  • Why You Should Hire a Lawyer for your Small Business

    Carol Goldberg |

    Most small business owners only hire an attorney experienced in business matters when confronted with a serious legal problem.  However, legal help is a cost of doing business that can save you money and help your business in the long run.  An attorney can help in many business situations, from the incorporation process to drawing up contracts and representing you in litigation. 


  • Family Law

    Nicole Quattrocchi | | Categories: Family Law & Domestic Relations

    Misconceptions about Divorce and Child Custody. By: Alexandrea Perez

    Divorce is no easy process. The constant stress of losing a spouse, expensive fees associated with separation, and the impact it can have for your children can make a divorce a difficult time in one’s life.

    One nightly debate with my father sparked our thoughts on divorce. Growing up as someone affected by separated parents and having a father who has gone through the process, our thoughts on the topic could not have been more different. As a child who is well experienced in field of divorced parents, as well as interning at the Quattro Firm, I had a much different input than that of my father. He thinks, like many other men, that the entire process is unjust because women are more heavily favored than men.


  • Business Law

    Nicole Quattrocchi | | Categories: Business Formation

    Contracts: Why Your Should Use Them. By: Nicole McNamara Quattrocchi

    People often ask attorneys about contracts. Back in the beginning of business, a man’s word was his bond and many negotiations were settled with handshakes or an offer to have cocktails. Many generations of people believe that contracts are impersonal and unnecessary. Once, I had a client tell me that contracts are not “romantic.” My response was simple: “No, contracts are not romantic, but neither is litigation.”