Our story starts as most do, we got served and didn't know what to do. We had never been in this situation before (Civil)? As my business partner and I called around to see what could be done to help us. Nicole and her firm were able to help in spades. We had contacted and met with a few West Palm layers but felt Nicole took the time to truly understand our viewpoint. Our story was a difficult one to follow but she not only followed it; But understood our viewpoint completely. Her advise allowed a quick resolution by dismissal and allowed myself to continue my work and support my family. She kept us informed along the way and her "I think this may be what will happen" advise is exactly what transpired a few weeks later. If I undertook a construction project I want my homeowners informed, I have to tell them the liabilities before a massive project is undertaken. This is exactly what she did for us. Nothing is for sure in this world, but solid advise is all anyone can ask for from any professional in my opinion. I would highly recommend her and her firm to anyone.

To whom it may concern I contacted the Quattro firm to help me in a legal matter with an x manager Nicole at the firm answered my call took my case on and within 2weeks time had it done and resolved and I was happy with how she handled the case if I ever need legal service again I would most definitely recommend the Quattro firm. Thank You

Having become the trustee of a Trust for a friend who passed away, left me with many questions that the Quattro Firm was able to answer quickly and completely. The documents necessary for me to dispose of the property listed in the trust were acurately and quickly prepared, which made my dealings with the the necessary government entities go very smoothly. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend the Quattro Firm and their outstanding staff.

Best Attorney
Nicole and her team were always very helpful and informed in helping me file child custody paperwork. She was always very accessible via phone or email. I always had a million questions and she never made me feel like I was too much or bothersome. She was very understanding and helped make a difficult process bearable.
- Elisa V

Terrific Attorney - Great Firm
Nicole was extremely helpful and understanding with a couple of complex legal issues I had that turned into law suits. She took a pretty bad situation and made it tolerable with a much better outcome than I ever expected. Nicole and her staff were kind and courteous with reasonable legal rates that didn't break my bank.

Very Professional
I felt comfortable hiring Nicole as my lawyer. She's very informative and will help you understand every step of the way no matter how many times you ask her to explain something. Highly recommend her services.

Attentive, respectful, and gets the job done!
Ms. Quattrocchi was recommended to me for my estate and will planning. I spoke to her first on the phone and she was available and took the time to understand what I needed. She emailed me a questionnaire a few hours later and we set up a date to meet. What a breath of fresh air! I have issues with lawyers being pretentious, never available to talk to when you need them, and only caring about billable hours. This was a different experience: I was respected, responded to promptly, and within a week had everything from my living will, POA, estate will, and some random other legal items, answered. She was professional and affective and was very knowledgable. She researched and answered all of my questions in a way that I understood why and what had to be signed and filed. I am so grateful to have Ms. Quattrocchi on speed dial and would trust her first with any legal issues or questions I may have in the future.

Used Nichole a couple times and would highly recommend her for your legal needs!!
- Mike Blackwood

True excellence by the Quattro Firm! They uphold the best value and standard I needed for all of my legal matters.

I am grateful to Nicole Quattrocchi. Nicole is an excellent attorney. Her dedication to me as a client was incredible. The compassion, support and guidance she and the firm provided got me through difficult times, and she achieved an outcome that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend The Quattro Firm. I'm so glad I chose Nicole to handle the case. Thank you, Nicole for your caring and expert help.
- Bonnie Blatt

Worked with Nicole and staff from the Quattro Firm, on Probate matters for many months. Nicole was professional, responsive, caring and always prompt with a reply or helpful information. I would most definitely recommend The Quattro Firm for all legal matters in which they could help!
- Angela Modica