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    What is Probate and why do I need to go?

    Probate court is when the justice system hashes out your estate or that of a passed loved one. If the will and/or trusts are not clear, are incomplete, are not properly authenticated, are not properly executed, or if they don’t exist, the Probate Court will determine how the estate is to be divided.


  • To Probate or Not to Probate, That is the Question

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    Families often ask us whether or not they should probate a loved one’s estate. While no one can tell a person what to do, the decision is often financial. When a loved one dies leaving assets that cannot be distributed because he/she either died without properly allocating assets via will, trust or real property records or he/she failed to update an estate plan or he/she did not account for any assets, the decision to probate is a personal decision.