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At The Quattro Firm, LLC, our team of experts handles family law, divorce law, civil litigation, and estate planning law in the West Palm Beach Area. We appreciate clients as the whole people they are and not the set of legal issues they are facing. We strive to be compassionate and understanding advocates for our clients to help serve all their needs, not just their legal needs.

One of the most valuable services we provide is helping those looking to adopt. Adoption is a wonderful way for families to expand and provide a loving home for children who need a safe, secure environment to grow.

The most common types of adoption are stepparents adopting stepchildren and new infant, or older child adoptions by relatives or non-relatives.

How Adoption Works

Adoption is a legal process to become a child's guardian. A legal professional, such as the team at The Quattro Firm, LLC, can help you explore your rights and create the best path to adoption for you.

New parents may seek a new infant adoption. Stepparents may seek to adopt their stepchildren to ensure their lineage and estate plans. People who have stepped in to raise relatives, godchildren or children of friends may also seek to adopt the child after they are intimately bonded with the child.

Why Consider Legal Adoption?

Anyone considering any kind of adoption will find benefit in expanding or legally securing their family. Particularly those raising children who are not biologically belonging to a parent should seek to adopt the child. Nothing can break a heart more than raising a child as a parent for several years and then having that child taken from you by his/her biological parent who had previously abandoned this child.

While some proposed adoptive parents to older children may wish to not "upset" a natural parent by seeking to adopt the child, waiting in this instance is not the best possibility. The standard is the best interest of the child. If one has raised a child as one's own for several years, it is better to hire an attorney to seek your rights after the child has been abandoned by statute. Waiting until the natural parent agrees may never happen.

The love of a parent and a child is immeasurable. It is a bond that is sacred. Biology plays such a small part in who is a parent and who is a child. A legal parent-child relationship is the only way to legally secure the relationship.

Adoption Costs

Adoption costs vary depending on whether it is a stepparent adoption, a non-relative adoption, adoption by a relative and a new infant adoption. In general, adoptions are charged at a flat rate unless the biological parent is fighting against the adoptive parent(s) and parental rights must be terminated in a contested proceeding.

Starting the Adoption Process

Prospective parents can contact the Quattro Firm, LLC immediately to schedule a consultation to discuss their adoption.

The Quattro Firm, LLC, team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to benefit our clients across West Palm Beach, FL. We believe in serving the whole person and work hard to ensure each client feels understood and heard, beyond their legal concerns.

Beyond providing valuable adoption services, we also practice all family law cases and informal mediation, LBGT issues and custody, marital contracts, wills and trusts, probate administration and litigation, civil litigation, corporate litigation, estate planning, and business formation.

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