How Creating Your Own Legal Documents Could Affect You

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How Creating Your Own Legal Documents Could Affect You.

In the legal field, change is constant and necessary. Legal experts are always honing their skills, trying to deliver the best possible service and emerge victorious, additionally, clients are actively seeking new ways to get the best service and the most cost efficient service from attorneys. While there are always new ways to beat the system, not all of them are successful. One such method that is on the rise is clients who avoid paying a lawyer and create their own legal documents.

We believe that in order to save some money, people attempt to create their own legal documents. However, the problem is that these documents are often legally deficient and ineffective. More often than naught, these documents that have been created by "Google", cause more problems and are more expensive than if they were made the right way the first time. One may have saved a few hundred dollars creating the contract on one's own, only to have to hire an attorney and spend thousands of dollars litigating a problem which was created by the ineffective document.

Also, this tendency to use self-created documents causes more legal problems than the client would have faced should he/she have consulted an attorney first. As legal representatives, we often get "waivers" that were drafted by lay people and are improper and contain terms that do not reflect their legal meaning. This causes attorneys to have to re-create the documents and if litigation has already commenced, it can be an expensive problem to fix because it may require judicial intervention. An attorney can only deal with the present problem, he/she cannot go back in time to fix the original problem.

While we can appreciate clients trying to save money or stay within a budget, the attempt to save some fees very often leaves gaping holes in one's case. Often times drafting one's own contracts or other legal documents can create more harm than good. It's best to at least consult with an attorney before attempting to draft any legal documents. Chances are that if you're able to meet with more than one attorney, you can find one within your budget.

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