Our Family Wizard And Talking Parents

Debbie Quattrocchi |

Our family Wizard and talking parents

Our Family Wizard and Talking Parents are two court-monitored communication platforms where parents can register and sign up for an app which will be their way to communicate with each other instead of email, text or phone calls. This is especially helpful when the parents are having trouble communicating effectively and have resorted to name-calling, profanity and the like.

Through the use of a court-monitored communication platform, both parties are forced to communicate properly for fear that their communications may be used against them in further litigation.

These two separate apps achieve the same goals and are very similar. Both apps require payment for registration. They help parents to co-parent by keeping each party communicating in a forum that is monitored. Through Talking Parents and Our Family Wizard, parents can limit their communication to co-parenting issues such as the purchase of school supplies, calendaring timesharing and school events, disciplinary decisions, and other parenting issues. Third parties such as significant others, grandparents, and the like cannot be added to the conversations and should not be included in the registration. With both apps, no material or correspondence can be altered. All records are admissible in court and may be shared with lawyers and other professionals.

If you’d like some more information about using this sort of platform or for other assistance in co-parenting, please contact the Quattro Firm at info@thequattrofirm.com or 561-517-8634.