How The Quattro Firm, L.L.C. Helped A Client Who Hid Crucial Information

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In the world of law, a few details can make the difference between victory and defeat. This makes providing your legal representatives with all the available information paramount. The law prevents your lawyers from using the information against you or from utilizing that information for any purpose other than your case. However, clients often fail to share details with us, and this lack of knowledge sometimes puts a spanner in the works and derails our legal strategy.

Keep reading to learn about how we had to work around helping a client who kept critical information from us.

The Challenge: Hiding of information.

A divorce is a trying time for all parties involved, and as your legal representatives, we need to be aware of all case-related information. While knowing these facts help us create a water-high case, a lack of knowledge could put us at a severe disadvantage.

We once had a client who failed to realize this and kept information from us while pursuing a divorce. The client was ashamed that he was continuing to have a romantic relationship with the spouse that he was divorcing and chose not to apprise us about it. At the most inopportune time, his spouse confronted us with this fact and put us at an extreme disadvantage during the case.

The Solution: Reiterating the importance of sharing all details.

After we were confronted with the romantic relationship, it took several weeks to overcome this lack of trust. It also took several months of discovery and exchanging and preparing documents to overcome the surprise. Finally, after a prolonged battle, the case eventually settled, but it would have helped to have known this information beforehand.

He wasn't the first client to hide information from a lawyer, and we're pretty sure he won't be the last, so as a preventive measure we now ask all clients about the nature of the relationship between the parties in any case. While this information is personal and can be embarrassing, it helps to have a full and clear picture of the case. We sit down and discuss that there should not be any surprises. Being surprised by information in a deposition or the courtroom shows a lack of preparation. If we are armed with all the facts, we can prepare to respond to it when it is brought up. This way, we will not appear to be hiding anything from the judge.

Irrespective of what legal tangle you find yourself in, the relationship with your attorney requires trust and confidence. If you hide information from us, we cannot help you!

The Bottom Line

As trusted attorneys in West Palm Beach, Florida, The Quattro Firm, L.L.C. want to help you through your legal issues, but to do so, we need to be given all the information you have. Once we have all the details, we will be in a better position to understand your needs and work towards creating a strong case for you. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, or in need of a divorce, reach out to us by clicking here.

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