Marital Contracts And Family Law Mediation

Nicole Quattrocchi | | Categories: Family Law & Domestic Relations


Is this love? Oh baby don’t hurt me….financially

Haddaway sang the song knowing that love can have a potential downfall: pre-marital bliss can end in post divorce pains...not just for your heart, but also for your bank accounts.

So how can you plan ahead for your future when you feel like nothing can hurt you now? Marital contracts, more commonly known as pre-nups or even post-nuptials are the way to go. This is a contract between two people either just before or after saying their “I Dos”.

It can basically break down what happens to your property, monies, pets, and in limited circumstances, children in the event of a dissolution or other break up of the marriage.

Think it can’t happen that your Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong? Or your Ms. Jekyll turns into Mrs. Hyde? Well it can happen. People grow apart, make mistakes, or even fall into addiction and cheating behaviors that can rip one’s reality apart and leave you with nothing. Literally. So then what?

Call us today to get a free consultation on how to avoid the above nightmare and simply put some documents in place for you and your partner that protects you from the hassles that may happen. No one wants to deal with heartache AND disputes, and after all, we here at The Quattro Firm believe in happily ever afters and want that for you. Better to be safe than sorry.

And while you’re at it, we can also set up your estate plans, wills, power of attorney, and living wills to make sure your honey bunny is taken care of in the event of tragedy and protect your children too!

From Pre-marital contracts to post-nuptial contracts and everything in between, we are here to draft, cover and explain your rights. We are also here to mediate your family law disputes.